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For reborn_biz - Dino Cavallone's company. App to come later. Rough copy, will be improved on:



Description: Well-established Company

Specialization: Haute couture - high end fashion and lifestyle magazines. Highly specialized, highly exclusive. Think Anna Wintour, on a larger scale. Think the Devil Wears Prada. Currently branching out into the youth market with the hottest street fashions, especially with Dino Cavallone taking over.

BUT WHERE IS YOUR MANGA?: No manga - it doesn't suit their image.

Size: Medium-sized - they have a monopoly on the fashion industry; they don't intend on drifting out of their specialization

Thrust: "We create fashion, we carve out trends. We pride ourselves on our passion, our ethics, and our world renowned excellence in the industry."


The Cavallone Family boasts a history almost as old as the Vongola's, and a fine, exceedingly prestigious reputation within the multi-billion dollar worldwide fashion industry. It is widely considered that you've only ever made your mark in the fashion world when you've been featured in one of its magazines.

A longtime ally of V&A, they are known for producing the finest, most exquisite and exotic fashion magazines that is widely hailed as the creator of the world's ever-changing fashion trends. Prominent names Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs, Versace, Prada, are but a few of the longtime staples of this company.

They are the fashion world's movers and shakers, with a monopoly and an undeniable superiority on the industry. The Cavallone family had enjoyed massive successes for generations. With the retiring of the ninth Cavallone CEO six years ago, Dino Cavallone, the only son of the highly-regarded family, took the reins of the company and led it onward ever since.

There is a marked difference, however - he is known to be a warmer, more devoted boss to his associates, priding teamwork and 'family', and is currently looking to break into the youth fashion market.

Company Profile

Home to some of the world's most recognized magazines, Cavallone Inc is headquarted in Namimori, with satellite offices in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Singapore, Korea, Milan, London, Sicily, Paris, and Shanghai. With that, local editions of their magazines are published to suit their tastes. Region managers hold fort in each of the major cities, with Dino Cavallone heading the entire company from Namimori.

In total, Cavallone Inc is in charge of 18 different publications, many of them the largest in their markets. All in all, it had an average total circulation of over 15 million issues a month, and an estimated actual readership four times larger. As such, the company possesses one of the most recognizable magazine portfolios in the industry.

Unlike most of its fellow publishing companies, the transition of power from the ninth Cavallone to the tenth Cavallone boss had been smooth, despite Dino Cavallone's earlier statements to the press indicating that he had no intention of inheriting the family business.

Cavallone Inc, for all intents and purposes, is a company that had undergone massive restructuring to keep up with vastly changing trends, but had still retained its old, prestigious air. Elegance and sophistication is what the company embodies and portrays, even as the company continues setting more precedences and examples within the publishing world. Its technology is state of the art, and its standard of excellence in journalistic integrity and influential reporting is renowned all over the world. The company takes pride in its commitment to superior design, world-renowned editors, writers, photographers, and a strong staff dedicated to constantly improving and taking publications to a new level.

Editorial excellence and advertising talent is the hallmark of Cavallone Inc, with highly efficient corporate departments that work to support the company's mission to create, promote, market, and to sell the brands. They make significant contributions to the success of each magazine, and are renowned for setting new standards in quality in the industry.

Cavallone Inc's employees are expected to be passionate in their work; and well-rounded, promising individuals who have a strong sense of ethics and foresight. A strong sense of family and cameraderie is encouraged, and teamwork stressed upon. Gender equality is strictly upheld, lycra expressly forbidden, and nonfat hors' d'oeuvres present in every pantry, coupled with the finest Blue Mountain coffee. (Perrier and Evian, of course, for the ladies.) The company exacts a certain set of sartorial requirements, which would explain why one will see nothing less than Calvin Klein skirts, Paul Smith shirts, Hugo Boss suits, and Armani pants even on the lowest ranked staff.

After all, fashion is their forte. Who better to hold up the standard than the gatekeepers of fashion themselves?

Company Hierarchy & Processes


Things an Employee Should Know About

The pay is generous, the perks are great - gourmet chefs in the company's cafes, free passes to the world's most prestigious walkway events - Fashion Week in Paris, anyone? The myriad of designer items on the sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth - yes, four entire floors of accessories, dresses, tops, pants, handbags, suits, skirts - yes, they can be distributed like they're nothing more than paper. Fancy a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes for a date tonight? No problem. Want that newest Marc Jacobs bag, or Franck Muller's newest timepiece? Sure. They're all handed out to the staff like paper, anyway. If you're an intern, a freelancer? No worries. Prada, Chanel, Ann Klein, and Nina Ricci are still your friends.

Nothing can be taken from the twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth floors; they belong to the magazine photoshoots, but don't worry, they'll filter down to the lower floors. Company perks, really. But the thing is, for all the shiny Jimmy Choos and Chanels and Pradas that you can stuff yourself with, the one fact remains.

Once you work at Cavallone Inc, the only way to be the best, to rise to the top, is to sacrifice your social life entirely. It's rigorous, fast-paced, with insane hours. Your lifeblood goes into your profession, your entire life is devoted to your passion, to the countless fashion show coverages, to the glitz and glamour of the industry. You will have the dream job, Karl Lagerfeld's number on speed dial, Anna Wintour on the line, and look, Donatella Versace is calling on you.

You will have the lion's share of an industry that millions of people would kill to be a part of. You will rub shoulders with stars, with supermodels and fellow editors alike, and the price you pay is your free time, your hobbies and every friendship you once held dear.

In Cavallone Inc, baby, there's no other way to go but up, up, up.

Because, as they say, "When your social life goes up in smoke? It's time for a promotion."

Things a Freelancer Should Know About

Cavallone Inc pays very well - only when it comes to quality work. If you are sub-par, a slacker? Don't bother applying, you'll never get your foot through the door. There is a chance that you may be offered a permanent position if you perform well consistently, and yes, of course, the pantry is always open to you.

Lesser perks for the freelancers compared to the staff, though. A more limited pick of the items available, and more paperwork - after all, Cavallone Inc needs to keep track of these things.
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